You Can’t Taste Love ©

You Can’t Taste Love ©

I watch a lot of Food Network. I love food. I love to eat. I love to cook. And I also love watching other people cook. One of the things that always makes me laugh is when some bozo is talking about their recipe and they say something silly like, “And the secret ingredient in the recipe is love.” They talk about love like it’s an ingredient. It’s not. They might love cooking but you can’t taste the love in the food. You can taste the salt or the pepper or the myriad of other ingredients, but you can’t taste the love. Love is an emotion, not a tangible part of the end result.

That’s an example of just how ridiculous much of our language has become, especially when it comes to talk about business and what it takes to be successful in business. We talk about emotions like love and passion as if they were ingredients in our product or sercice. Nonsense. There is no love in your food any more than there is love in your lawnmower. If you sell lawnmowers and I’m buying a lawnmower, I am paying for quality, value and service. I’m not paying for any love. Love won’t cut my grass.

Yet, we somehow believe now that when people say they are passionate about what they do or love their work, their work will automatically be of higher quality. We have all been burned by people who were passionately incompetent and by people who love what they do but the fact is, they are lousy at it.

The lesson for each of us, regardless of our product or service is this: Focus on quality, value and service. That’s what your customers pay for. Those things are not emotions, they are tangibles that can be measured and quantified. I will always happily exchange my money for a tangible benefit but will never turn it over for a meaningless emotion.

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