The future of the coaching industry…

The longer you're not taking action the more money you're losing.

Coaching, a service provided to people going through changes, challenges, and shifts in their life.

Whether someone is stuck at a fork in the road of their career, their health is at a tipping point, or a business owner needs a guild in navigating the waters, it all comes back to coaching.

I’m talking to you IF you’re ..

  • An established coach, maybe you’re wondering if the well’s about to dry up, should you stay the course or find a new way of doing business?
  • Considering coaching, maybe you’ve heard and read a lot about coaching, and you’re still wondering if this something that can become a sustainable income

Stick with me as we explore the real questions facing the coaching industry today.

Who needs a coach anyways?

Let’s start with the big question. The world the is changing, in many ways. We live our lives differently, we’re experiencing everything at a faster pace and live is flying by a million miles an hour at times.

It’s these foundational changes that cause the need for support in every area of life; relationships, career, technology, health and the list goes on.

My good friend Eben Pagan explains it like this, “Coaching is supporting people through transition.”

I can’t think of a time that won’t include a transition, or two, in some fashion. They’re always going to happen, to everyone. It’s part of life.

How people handle these transitions is the key here. Will they reach out for help? How will the reach out? When will they reach out?

It’s true, not everyone will search for the support of a coach and thank god we’re not trying to sell to everyone right!?

What’s important to realize is there are people reaching out, right now. Across the world people are turning to Google, YouTube, Facebook – you know those networks we turn to seeking referrals and recommendations.

Which brings us to the next question…

How do coaches get clients?

I wouldn’t be the Queen of Sales Conversion if didn’t talk about sales right

First and foremost I highly recommend you create what I call your Signature Talk. One strong talk will make all the difference. Focus on that one talk and make sure it does the job right! You can then use it on stage, in a podcast interview, during a Facebook Live, and perhaps an Instagram Story!? Really you can use it anywhere.

The longer you're not taking action the more money you're losing.

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