Five powerful tactics to help you overcome obstacles and achieve breakthroughs

If there’s one thing I faced every time I strapped into an F-16 in combat – it’s fear.

Fear of getting shot down…becoming a prisoner of war…letting down my team.

They were all obstacles.

But the biggest obstacles weren’t the missiles launched on my aircraft. They were the missiles in my mind.

Three years into my flying career, I almost died in a scuba diving accident. 35 feet under water, my mask malfunctioned and I inhaled a lungful of burning salt water. I’ll never forget choking into the mask, gasping for air and trying to clear my lungs.

I almost died.

The result? I developed claustrophobia, and for the rest of my career, I suffered panic attacks that often robbed me of the joy I had for flying…but I never quit. I learned to break through my fear barrier and eventually become a highly decorated fighter pilot with over 65 combat missions.

Obstacles and fear are part of life. It’s not a matter if they will appear, but when.

Layoffs. Divorce. Debt. The loss of a major sale…or most importantly, the loss of a loved one.

They are all obstacles. I prefer to call them challenges. To beat them, and eventually win your life missions, requires perseverance, resilience, and most of all, courage.

In my years of flying, along with coaching leaders and entrepreneurs on personal growth, I’ve discovered five powerful tactics that helped me to overcome obstacles and achieve breakthroughs. Individually they may not be enough to conquer fear. But together, they may just be what you need to reach new heights.

Stop Being Fearless

Being fearless sounds cool, but it’s cliché and unreasonable. It denies you of your humanity and puts rose colored classes around your challenges. The more I tried to be fearless and resist my claustrophobia, the more it overcame me. As the saying goes, “what resists, persists.” When I acknowledged my fear and used it as an ally, I became more humble. Humility makes you realize that you’re not invincible and that you don’t have all the answers. Fear screams – “it’s time for you to grow!” and taps into a more powerful emotion that elicits positive action…courage.

Outsmart Your Obstacles

When I first dealt with my claustrophobia, I learned all I could about it including reading actual case studies. What tools …read more

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