Edification Triangle

In today’s show I’m going to go over something I mentioned in my last show

The Edification Triangle.

If you haven’t seen that yet, go watch it here: How To Get The Unfair Advantage in Network Marketing

Edification is extremely important if you ever want to create success in network marketing. Here are a few key reasons to use edification in your network marketing business.

The edification triangle for network marketing

1. Use the edification triangle to create credibility
2. Use the edification triangle to establish a connection
3. Use the edification triangle to establish expert/leadership
4. Use the edification triangle to create respect for the expert
When you use the edification triangle, you get good at getting yourself out of the way for your own success.

You also create a habit using duplicate-able systems, tools, and processes that are proven to work.

This is a very powerful strategy and it’s proven to work incredibly well. But the simplest way to really “sell” you on using it is because what it can do for you and for your team at the most critical time, when they first join.

Using this strategy has helped many people accelerate their success. Because just about every network marketing strategy tells you to make a list of friend and family to start with and most people get stuck on that. The quit before they even start because they’re afraid of what Uncle Leo is going to think about them.

But when you introduce Uncle Leo to your new friend who is an expert and can help Uncle Leo create financial freedom, Uncle Leo tends to listen up.

And like I mentioned above, the edification triangle strategy combined with the unfair advantage in network marketing is 100% duplicate-able.

So use this stuff and watch your success skyrocket!

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