Ask Larry Winget Anything – Facebook LIVE – Volume 1

What's Wrong With Damn Near Everything!

Ask Larry Winget Anything – Facebook LIVE – Volume 1

Ask Larry Anything! Facebook LIVE Volume 1. In this session, Larry answered questions on grown kids living with their parents, respect, parenting, dealing with a disconnected boss, technology and the tax code!

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Larry Winget does not mince words, and in this latest addition to his straight-talking brand, one of the most iconic leaders of the personal development industry puts down in black and white, What’s Wrong with Damn Near Everything!

If you think the world is a mess, you already have a lot in common with Larry. The genius and power of his simple approach to turning around the parts of your life that need it has transformed people and businesses all over the world. Now, in this wildly entertaining and informative diagnosis and prescription, he narrows down the singular virus sickening the four most influential aspects in our lives: the people around us, our education system, business, and government. The illness rotting them all out can be blamed on people ignoring their core values. Click here to order the book from Amazon.

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